More about Ant


- Basil

Favourite instrument:

- Hohner Special 20 harmonica (G key is particularly fine)
- Roland Juno-DS keyboard

Musical influences:

- Dr Feelgood.
- Neil Young.
- Jimmy Reed.
- Deep Purple (Jon Lord).
- The Cramps.

Favourite tracks of all time:

- There, There (Radiohead).
- Group 4 (Massive Attack).
- The Same Old Rock (Roy Harper).
- I Wanna Be Your Dog (The Stooges).
- This is the Part (Grandaddy).

Favourite tracks we play:

- Desire (U2).
- Are Friends Electric? (Tubeway Army).
- The Only One (Charlatans).
- Good on the Dancefloor (Arctic Monkeys).
- Personal Jesus (MSG).

Photos on their way.....!!!!