A bit of history about Mill Stone Grit

It all started at a rather well lubricated night around at Nick's where Nick, Mark D and Andy were vociferously discussing the pros and cons of being a Bon Scott or a Brian Johnson man. Andy piped up that he used to play rhythm guitar in a band, Mark D said that he used to play a bit and Nick admitted that he used to sing in a choir many moons ago. And, as they say, that is where it all began. After having vague next morning memories of agreeing to meet up the following week, they set about finding whatever instruments they had lying around in the backs of their wardrobes and met up rather sheepishly at the allotted time. No-one was particularly willing to make themselves look like fools in attempting to play in front of the others, but then Andy struck up She's Electric by Oasis to which Mark latched on to and Nick warbled to. And that was the hook. They all loved it.

A few weeks later the guys were overheard by Nara, another local friend, who sounded very interested, and expressed a lifelong desire to learn to play drums; so that made 4 and the formings of an actual band. There was however a huge difference between making noise and transforming it in to some resemblance of how the original songs were meant to sound. Nara made huge advances in learning the drums over the initial few months, whilst Nick was also hooked on learning a supporting role in rhythm guitar. Meanwhile Andy and Mark D were doing well in attaining and surpassing the heights they had original reached in playing rhythm and lead guitar respectively.

Even though the sound and quality of playing was coming on a pace, after approximately 6 months of playing there was still a pretty big void in the sound they produced which was identified as a lack of bass guitar. Mark D knew of a colleague at work who was interested in playing but could not afford to make the time to get involved. So the guys approached another local friend, Mark W, who could already play guitar, drums and piano, to see if he would be interested in playing bass. Mark W jumped at the chance and was soon on board bringing a much rounder sound to the whole MSG set up. This led to regular practice sessions in the local hall and in rehearsal studios in Sheffield.

The music and sound was getting better and better, so a first gig was arranged for all the guys' families and it seemed to go down OK. Following that they offered themselves to various local charities and played 2 or 3 gigs for local and national good causes. By this time the gigging bug had hit them all except for Nara who was not so keen to perform and was more interested in writing music, so Nara gracefully agreed to Olly (a friend of Andy's) stepping in to his shoes. Olly had played drums for many years so it was good to get him on board. In addition to Olly they were joined by Dean, another local, who agreed to help as their sound man and who made a huge difference with the overall sound quality on stage. As the number of gigs increased, Dean's work commitments meant that he decided to move on, so with huge thanks we said good bye to Dean.

Numerous gigs later, and the establishment of a small fan base, MSG continued to look for new sounds and songs to play, and this led to another friend Ant joining, bringing his expertise and skill in harp (harmonica) and keyboard to augment the band's strength, and really opening up new musical avenues.

Being now hugely experienced in performing as audiences wish, MSG go from strength to strength and are ready to put everything in to entertaining you, so drop us an email, come and see us play, and have fun!